We now offer Gift Cards that you can top up online

Why Register?

Registering your gift Card gives you access to valuable card features such as:

Protect your balance if your card is lost or stolen.
Reloading your card using a credit card
Periodically receive special promotional offers

To protect your card balance if your card is lost or stolen.

If your registered gift card has been lost or stolen, please call 1-800-242-5353 immediately. Upon verification of your card, we can freeze your remaining balance and transfer that balance to a replacement card that will be mailed to you.

Reload your gift card online using a credit card.

With a registered gift card, you can conveniently reload funds online using your credit card (MasterCard and VISA), making a one-time reload.

You can have multiple cards registered on your profile for your family and reload them any time. At least that way you have control over their budget.

Register your gift card today and set up your profile.

Once your account has been created, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have registered.